Tower Monitoring

PlexiTech has developed unique products for advanced cell tower monitoring solutions that capture and display operating metrics such as battery level, fuel consumptions, images on site, power consumptions, real time alerts and map view.
Components of this remote monitoring solution for tower sites are customized hardware for analog inputs, data acquired is sent through GPRS and GSM, the centralized server produces reports, analog cameras maintain picture logs, and the web solution gives clients access to their cell towers 24/7.
The key features of our system address three main areas of concern:

Energy Management

Exceptional energy monitoring system averts major breakdowns at the site. Switch power input source of the site - from grid power to battery remotely!

Logistics Management

Centralized control of passive assets and intimation to refill fuel via SMS, significantly reduces logistics expenses

Security Management

Track human activity and eliminate unauthorized access to site, also receive alerts on intrusion via SMS /E-mail. This solution also resolves the pain points like fuel, battery, and power pilferage.

The benefits of this system are:
  •   Prevention of predictable failure
  •   Increased customer confidence
  •   Minimized customer downtime
  •   Real-time alerts sent to a computer or phone
  •   Early detection of problems
  •   Efficient scheduling for service technicians
  •   Remote equipment command and control
  •   Clear alerts from any location
  •   Updated reports in an easy-to-read format
  •   SSTracking system auto-updates
  •   Affordable price and quick ROI