Scada Systems

Scada-Sys™ by PlexiTech is the principal tool for State Public Works Departments and Municipal Corporations in India to implement remote monitoring of road works for effective control.
Scada-Sys is an automated and integrated solution for Municipal Corporations and Public Works Departments road-works in India. The features of this system are

  • 1.  Remote supervision of field contractor work
  • 2.  Access to real-time reporting and MIS
  • 3.  Strict quality control ensured
  • 4.  Operational cost reduced
  • 5.  System is authenticated and secure
  • 6.  Efficient project resource planning

How does this system function?

Municipal corporation or PWD project managers log into our secure website to access data coming in from contractor sites
Municipal corporation or PWD project manager can either view all work modules or select progress of works by contractor
Both the municipal corporation or PWD manager as well as the contractor will get access to all archived historical production data
The municipal corporation or PWD manager can generate MIS reports and view graphical reports of progress made
A direct API link with the Municipal Corporation ERP software can help generate authenticated work sheet for bill clearance

Scada-Sys brings the following benefits to users:

  •   Simple implementation with the newest technologies
  •   Lower upfront investment costs needed for implementation
  •   Leaner operations and fewer operators on the plant floor
  •   Operators monitor conditions from just about anywhere
  •   More effective monitoring by fewer personnel so it minimizes labor costs
  •   Fills the knowledge gap
  •   Prolongs equipment life
  •   Prevents unplanned downtime
  •   Different data levels can be accessed by different personnel
  •   Different and varied remote control options possible
  •   Remote monitoring by Scada-sys greatly contributes to cost savings and improved operations, while ensuring the security data privacy.
  •   Monitor and manage all field equipment regardless of supplier